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Looking for your Mary Poppins?

Are you looking for a good, loving nanny? Do you need a thorough house keeper?

We know that this is not a simple task and may be quite a stressful one.Who do we bring into our home? Is she reliable? Is she loving and caring? Can we leave our baby alone with her without feeling anxious?

So many worries, so many questions... and this is exactly where MetaPele can help you overcome these worries.


MetaPele is the oldest and most professional company in Israel for the placement of nannies. Our 15 years of experience, together with thousands of happy and calm parents, is our best business card.

Our team includes social workers, parent trainers and parenthood consultants, we are all full time multitasking mothers.

Our experience as parent trainers strengthens our ability to find the right nanny for you and to fit her to YOUR family's character and needs.

At MetaPele we only work with highly professional and experienced nannies and house keepers.


All our nannies undergo a thorough selection and filtering process, as well as professional training (including first aid and CPR) in the services provided by us.


Contact us and together we will find you YOUR Mary Poppins.

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