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How does the process work?

On the first phone conversation we discuss and define the family needs and the optimal nanny character for you.

We only send you, for interviews, those nannies who comply with the criteria that we have set and defined together, and after they and their references have been screened.

Out of those nannies that you interview, you choose the one that you feel is the best fit for you.

We help you throughout the whole process, including the negotiation and putting together the employment contract for the chosen nanny.


We keep in touch with you following the placement, to make sure everything is working smoothly and to your satisfaction.

We are here for you in case you have any doubts, questions or just need to consult with us.

Of course, if you are ultimately not happy with the placement, we will make sure to quickly replace the nanny until you are satisfied.

You have a guarantee! We only charge you for the service after two working weeks. Furthermore, if during the first six months the nanny terminates her contract for any reason, we will make sure to replace her with another


All of us here at MetaPele have years of experience with many successful nanny placements. Our personal experience as parent consultants and trainers, as well as the fact that we are full-time mothers ourselves, strengthens our ability to match you with the best nanny for your family.

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